Service Terms and Conditions

Purpose exists to offer free web-space, links and e-mail addresses (the "Services") to organisations and business in and around Harvington, Evesham, Worcestershire, UK (the "Community Organisations"). Services are not provided to individuals or for web-site design, construction or related services. Sub-domains will be created for Community Organisations web-space and e-mail addresses. We make reasonable endeavours to maintain a list of organisations and businesses in and around Harvington and to include news items and diary events which we consider to be of general interest.

Service rights

We in our sole discretion will decide whether to offer Services to an organisation or business and may at anytime and without notice remove, suspend or terminate Services. Community Organisations shall be permitted modest web-space and bandwidth use. Services will be suspended or terminated to any Community Organisation using excessive resources. Business and organisations with bandwidth use greater than 1GB/month or for more than 50MB of space or requiring their own domain names, should consider alternative hosting arrangements.


The Community Organisations are responsible for the content and backup of their web-space, and for keeping secret their username and password. Except with prior permission, Community Organisations may not run chatrooms or forums; host or distribute music; or other have other content, scripts, programs etc which use excessive resources. Obviously, pictures, videos and text of a racist, pornographic or other undesirable nature may not be hosted.


The Community Organisations shall be responsible for reading and deleting their e-mail. When requested we will forward e-mails to other e-mail address such as those belonging to an individual. They shall not mass e-mail or spam except to their members who have consented to receiving such e-mails.

No endorsement

Provision of web-space, links or e-mail addresses is not an endorsement of a Community Organisation. Naming an organisation or business in any news article, diary or otherwise is also not an endorsement.


We do not accept any financial or other liability for the accuracy of information or its absence in any of web-space we provide to link to. We also do not accept any direct or consequential loss for temporary or permanent loss of Services. Community Organisations shall not do anything which may bring us into dispute with terms and conditions.